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Term Papers in BW11/MW14

How to apply...


Important (!) - Requirement: Please note that students who want to write a term paper in BW11 must have participated in the BW11 exam in one of the previous semesters.

Binding registrations for the term papers (BQ module) with a focus on subjects covered in BW11 are organized centrally via the DICE. Under the following link you will find all further information (registration, forms, deadlines, etc.): https://www.dice.hhu.de/studium/studium/schluesselqualifikation-bachelor-vwl-bq-module.

First, please register for the course in the LSF if you intend to write a term paper in BW11. This registration is mandatory. By registering in LSF you will get access to the ILIAS page with materials and course info.

After successful registration and passing a test/filling out a test sheet via ILIAS (see above link!!!! for details), you will have access to the ILIAS booking tool with the list of topics there. Please note that topics will be assigned on a "first come, first serve" basis and early registration therefore offers the largest choice of topics.

For further information please contact: Philip Pascheka ()



You can start writing your project work related to the MQV-modules at any time at our chair. Please note that registration is only possible if you have successfully participated in the seminar course (course 3) of the elective MW14 (monetary economics) and if you are already registered for the final exam (or have already passed the exam). Please contact Daniel Stempel () about two weeks prior to your preferred starting date with suggestions regarding potential topics. We will then contact you, suggesting an appointment at which the submission deadline as well as the final topic of the project work will be agreed upon. Please also note that it is necessary to participate in a colloquium as part of the MQV-module. The colloquium is offered by the DICE, please refer to the course catalogue for further information.

For further information please contact: Daniel Stempel ()


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