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The “Deutsche Bundesbank” specifically promotes students and young academics who stand out for their excellent theses that are closely related to the Bundesbank and its tasks. The “Deutsche Bundesbank” makes a generous budget available for this purpose every year!

All bachelor- and master- as well as PhDtheses submitted between April 2020 and March 2021, related to the Bundesbank were assessed by a selection committee. The best  theses  were then nominated to the Bundesbank for awards. The award presentation  took place on July 06  this year by Ms Margarete Müller, President of the Regional Office of the “Deutsche Bundesbank” in North Rhine-Westphalia, as part of a guest lecture at our faculty. The winners are

Jana Anjali Magin with her master's thesis „Central Bank Digital Currencies in New Keynesian Modelsand

Sophie Marie Polke with her bachelor's thesis „The Importance of Central Bank Communication for Monetary Policy“.

The report in the Rheinische Post you can find here.

Bachelor theses can be rewarded with € 1,000,  master theses  with € 1,500. Dissertations can be rewarded with € 3,000!

For all those who cannot submit their work by 03/31/2021, do not fret! The “Deutsche Bundesbank” will continue to provide the rewards in the coming years.

As part of the graduation ceremony on June 11th, 2021, the graduates of the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics awarded Ulrike Neyer the prize for the most popular professor. “I have been very happy and proud to receive this precious trophy! Thank you very much!”

As part of the graduation ceremony on November 13th, 2020, the graduates awarded our doctoral student Max Horst the prize for the most popular research assistant. He received the precious trophy “For most popular assistant of the exam year”.

We are very proud of him and congratulate him from the bottom of our hearts!

On November 25th, 2020, Dr. Andre Sterzel together with Dr. Kai Bauch (Chair of Prof. Weißenberger) received the prize for the “Best dissertation of 2019 of the Faculty of Business and Economics”. The award ceremony by the chairman of the board of the Kreissparkasse Düsseldorf, Prof. Dr. Svend Reuse took place online due to the corona infection situation.


Since 2008, the Central Equal Opportunities Commissioner has been calling on all lecturers, students and university employees to submit suggestions for their Heine-woman every two years. Any woman at the university who stands out for her commitment and dedication - be it in the social or professional area - can be nominated.

Since 2018, men have also been honored for their commitment to equal opportunities and the promotion of young women and female employees. The Heine-women and Heine-men are honored for their achievements at our university.

Our Mrs. Neyer is H E I N E – W O M A N of the year 2018 !!!!

Here is a small excerpt from the anniversary edition of my H E I N E -W O M A N 2018:

"Our professor Dr. Ulrike Neyer is the best professor I know. “, Enthuses economics student Lisa Netzler, who suggested Mrs. Neyer as the Heine woman. Professor Neyer understood what students need and can be approached by anyone at any time. She always gives you the feeling of being perceived as an individual personality - even in a crowded lecture hall: “Mrs. Neyer makes sure that each student feels acknowledged and is engaged in the lecture”, says the nominee.

We - the entire team of the chair - are very proud of our boss and this great award!

my H E I N E – W O M A N, my H E I N E - M A N

A special feature of the HHU teaching award is that university committees do not act “among themselves” here - the right to nominate individuals for this award lies solely with the students. In the sense of a sustainable promotion of quality and innovation in academic teaching, particularly dedicated instructors are recognized.

• Outstanding achievements in teaching are recognized (not in doctoral training).

• All lecturers (including assistant lecturers) at Heinrich Heine University can be nominated.

• The prize is awarded in four categories, each endowed with € 10,000: Large events with a mediating character (e.g. lectures); Small events with a participatory character (e.g. exercise, seminar, internship); Young scientists (temporary employment, no Venia Legendi); eLearning (Hein@ward)

• The prize money can be used by the prize winners for teaching or for their own further training in higher education didactics.

Mrs. Neyer was nominated for the teaching award both in 2009 and again in 2018 - the students simply love her professional skills, her rousing lectures paired with a lot of personal commitment to each individual! We, the team at her Chair, are very happy about the nomination of Mrs. Neyer and are very proud of our boss!

In November each year, the teaching award is awarded as part of the “Day of Teaching”!

The "allstars" of teaching - you can find all the award winners here!

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