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Sabine Schukalla-Dittrich: BV02/BV05

Maximilian Horst: BW11, MV01

Daniel Stempel: MW14, MW86

Module MW 14: Monetary Economics

The courses start on 29/10/2020.

Course 1

Prof. Dr. Neyer will hold the lecture during this winter semester Webex as a “Live-Stream”. The lecture starts on Thursday, 29/10/2020 The necessary login data and a link will be posted online in a specific document on ILIAS, Course 1. Using this link, you can attend the lecture online during the times published in lsf.

Course 1: Thursdays, weekly, 12.30 – 4.00 pm.


Course 2

Course 2 is the respective tutorial. It will also take place online through Webex. You can enter the tutorial through an additional published link, which we will post on ILIAS. The first tutorial will be held on 04/11/2020.

Course 2: Wednesdays, weekly, 12.30 - 2.00 pm.


Course 3

Course 3 is a seminar, in which topics related to academic research in Monetary Economics will be discussed and presented in groups. If circumstances permit, this course will take place face-to-face on 13/11/2020 and 27/11/2020 at Werft01 ( Topics and times will be posted in due time.

Please make sure to register for Course 1 in lsf in order to have access to all course material. More information will be given during the first lecture on 29/10/2020.


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