Information for Incomings

We are very pleased that you are interested in a semester abroad on the faculty of economics at the Heinrich Heine University! You are going to find general information on the faculty and the semester in our English flyer.

You can find all important dates here:

Winter Term 2019/20
Summer Term 2020

A list of courses taught in English at the Faculty of Business and Economics can be found here.

Each class is either part of a module of the Bachelor's degree program (1st-3rd academic year), or part of a module of the Master's degree program (4th-5th academic year).

Modules in Business Administration

Modules in Economics

Moreover you may find further information on the classes in our HISLSF-System. Within the Course Overview you are going to find a general survey of the offered courses under the headline Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät.

A semester abroad at HHU

The following information is thought to serve as a first guideline, in order to help you at the beginning of your studies at HHU. To ensure a successful study, we highly recommend you to proceed in the following steps:

Step 1 (before the semester starts)

Get to know the University, our „Campus“, and the city of Düsseldorf. You can find detailed information in our Guide for International Students, Graduates and Academics. Furthermore, the site map may help for orienting on campus.

Step 2 (before the semester starts)

Decide which classes you would like to attend. You can find information on the courses at the top of this page, as well as on the web page of the corresponding chairs. Please note that for a class of 2 SWS - that is a class of 2 hours per week - you will get 4 ECTS Credits in case you will pass the exam. Analogously, you will receive 8 ECTS Credits for a course of 4 SWS. In case you are going to successfully submit a term paper in a course you will receive 5 ECTS-Credits.

Step 3 (in the first week of the semester)

As soon as you have chosen which course you would like to attend, please contact the responsible lecturer who offers this class. He/She is best informed whether you can attend it and which kind of exam will be required of you. All information regarding the time and duration of the classes will be published in the HISLSF-System.

Moreover, we cordially invite you already to the welcoming presentation during in the first week of the semester. We will send you the exact date via email on time.

Step 4 (at the end of the semester)

At the end of the semester you will receive a Transcript of Records that contains all your courses at the Faculty of Business and Economics including the achieved ECTS Credits. So you don’t have to ask your lecturers for a certificate.

We hope that our guide was a help to you and wish you an exciting and inspiring semester abroad here at the Heinrich Heine University.



Exchange Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Neyer

Building: 24.31
Floor/Room: 01.20
Phone +49 211 81-15330

Exchange Coordinator

Felix Wittkopf

Building: 24.31.
Floor/Room: 00.21
Phone +49 211 81-10230
Responsible for the content: E-MailAuslandsbeauftragte WIWI-Fakultät